Today, I was going to play soccer. I love soccer. I used to not like it when I was young, but now I love soccer, even when I don’t make goals. I learned more about soccer now and I was enrolled for soccer. The came was like for an hour! You might not think it’s not bad, but I’ve never played soccer for an hour before. The game was so unpredictable so it was hard to follow the ball. My brother was on the team that I was against. My brother’s team won six points in the end and mine got two. I actually think I learned some lessons. Everyone was so good at soccer and I learned that if I wanted to be good, maybe I should have liked soccer no matter how challenging it is. Luckily, I know that will change. We’re going to play soccer every Sunday. Maybe I’ll be good at it by the end of the soccer program. Keep persevering everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Over and out!